Our company offers its customers a range of services for working with natural stone. We professionally carry out indoors and outdoors decoration with natural stone. Our professionals have extensive experience, production technology and know how to install stone. Local manufacturing makes it possible to carry out any projects.


Our company has a production workshop, which consist of several workshops. Our craftsmen make facing materials, large and small architectural forms, sculpture and others. We keep the working technologies with stone. So the manufacturing process is divided into stages. Besides excellent equipment in the manufacture, the master use traditional and the latest technologies. Products manufactured by "Albion Granite" satisfy the most demanding customers.


We provide services for installation products made of natural stone and facing any architectural form with granite and marble. Installation works require a special approach. Specialist must take into all the parameters of the size range, material properties, especially attachment weight loads in carrying out such work. Accumulated experience allows experts of the company "Albion Granit" to make installation work of varying complexity. Our experts will carry out indoors a nd outdoors finishing works.


We offer polishing stone products. Polishing is a process that involves the use of abrasives of different grits. For example, using more subtle polishing abrasive. Polishing process is a quite costly and time-consuming. Experts should have a very high qualification. But the costs for this work in several times lower than a new product. Therefore, this service is in demand!


Our company has its own vehicles. Our specialists are ready to deliver the most convenient time taking into the wishes of the customer We have a number of manipulators of various carrying capacity and cargo vans.

Check out of the measurer

We pay special attention to the service "Check out of the measurer" Natural stone - it's not the cheapest finishing material, so the measurements requires care. Exactly taken measurements can minimize costs of expensive material when we cut stone and can avoid errors in installation. In addition, the experts leave on measurements provide expert advice, will help to choose the right material and its required number. Service "Check out of the measurer" is paid separately, but deducted from the order value.


In many cases, restoration of natural stone products can return it to its original condition. It happens that during transport, installation or during operation of the product causing damage. Details of exterior could suffer under the influence of climatic factors. In restoration works we use special paints and pastes. Sometimes we have to ground off the damage. In the case of calving, the product can be restored by chipping pasted fragment back. In any case, restore the product is much cheaper then produce a new product.


We offer cleaning services. Today, this service is becoming more popular. Modern facilities for the care and cleaning combined with professional devices for cleaning can achieve the highest results in the shortest time, even after heavily soiled or extensive renovation. We are recycling garbage.


We provide our customers with a guarantee on the entire range of services. The guarantee can be from 1 to 3 years, it depends on the works and conditions. In addition, we provide after-sales support.



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