Granite stairs and steps

Granite stairs and steps

What characteristics should have a good ladder? Of course, it should be durable, reliable, and beautiful and must have aesthetic appearance. Granite stairs have all these qualities, that's why they are commonly used in private houses, business-centers, in areas with high degree of permeability. Our company manufactures products that perfectly fit in almost any architecture of the building.

Advantages of granite stairs

  • Beauty, refinement and respectable
  • A wide color palette and unique pattern
  • Durability, wear resistance and high toughness
  • Easy care
  • Do not require repair and painting
  • Fireproof, do not get scratched
  • Resistance to nature impact
  • Safety anti-slip
  • Harmless to the ecology

Stages of work

  • Examination by a foreman
  • Calculating the costs of the work
  • Manufacturing of steps and stairs
  • Installation of products
  • Warranty for the work and products

Price of granite stairs

Price for steps is calculated individually for each order. It includes the cost of granite slabs, risers, skirting boards, accessories, delivery and the installers' work. After signing the contract, the payment is made in cash in our office or by bank transfer. Wide range of granite stairs from various quarries corresponds to state standards and has certificates of radiation safety.

Overhead steps

These products will be placed on a pre-prepared structure (concrete or brick). This kind of stairs can be used indoors and outdoors. They consist of two plates: risers (a vertical plate), and the tread (a horizontal plate).

Overhead steps
1800х380х30 Gabbro Black Available
Overhead steps
1800х380х30 Kapustynske Red Available

Examples of works with overhead steps

Solid steps

This monolithic products are ready for installation. Their thickness is mostly 10-20 cm and they use for outdoor design. These granite stairs are distinguished by high strength, frost resistance, and low coefficient of abrasion. They are installed in places with high traffic.

Examples of works with solid steps

Granite steps for porch

Granite steps can be used for indoor and outdoor stairs. Flamed granite steps and anti-slip coating are used for the porch. High strength, safety and durability are making this granite a great stone for the facade.

Examples of granite steps for porch

Multitexture stairs from granite

Their main positive characteristics is high degree of safety due to anti-slip striping.

Anti-slip treatment

Anti-slip heat treatment of the whole surface of the steps
The most reliable and common way is to make the entire front surface of the step entirely flamed, hammer or sawn.

Flamed anti-slip strip
Partial heat treatment or hammer polished tread in the form of strips.
Standard: 1 strip width 50 mm.
The number of lanes, their width and shape can be customized.

The profiles of the steps` ends treatment



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