Granite rock

Granite rock

"Rock" Texture – is a natural stone's front surface chip around the perimeter from the edge to the center. This rough texture is used for exterior decoration of buildings. "Rock" granite tiles with a chipped surface is obtained by manual chipping of front surface. Chopped texture of these granite tiles creates the effect of natural rock.

Chipped granite tile is used for:

  • Facade cladding and the base buildings;
  • Facing fences, parapets;
  • The surface lined with "Rock" granite slab gets a natural monolithic view of massive raw stone with a beautiful uneven terrain;
  • Granite "Rock" – is solid, reliable, durable and resistant to weather conditions;
  • Granite slab "Rock" gives buildings a fundamental, respectable and stately appearance;
  • Standard size: 300 x 150 mm, base thickness 30 mm. Total thickness up to 60mm;
  • It is possible to manufacture granite slabs "Rock" in other sizes.



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