Granite borders (curbs)

Granite curbs

Granite borders are renowned for their durability and strengthness, besides, they are looked aesthetically pleasing and blend well with paving stones. Why is this natural stone so popular? Granite borders endure all burdens: from the nature and from the people and transport.

10 mm chamfered bordure, two adjacent sides are heat-treated

Quarry Size Photo Color Availability
Gabbro Gp-4
Thermoprocessed border
200х100хL Gabbro Gp-4 Black Available
Pokostovskoe GP-4
Thermoprocessed border
200х100хL Pokostovskoe GP-4 Gray Available
Pokostovskoe GP-5
Thermoprocessed border
200х80хL Pokostovskoe GP-5 Gray Available

Advantages of granite borders:

  • monumental appearance;
  • stone products can be reused;
  • huge selection of textures and colors;
  • rich assortment: chamfered granite borders, sawn granite borders, heat treatment granite borders;
  • a wide range of application in landscaping: lawns, paths, garden decoration and suburban areas;
  • simplicity of maintenance.

There are several standard sizes of the granite borders:

Granite border GP-1 (150х300mm)

Granite border GP-2 (180х400mm)

Granite border GP-3 (200х600mm)

Granite border GP-4 (100х200mm)

Granite border GP-5 (80х200mm)

"GP" in the legend letters means:
G - Granite (manufacturing material)
P – Product

The standard length of the granite border is from 600mm up to 1200mm. We can produce special sizes of granite curb by agreement.



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