Decorative products

Production of art and decorative products from granite

The harmonious interior design and landscaping of the adjacent territory is a kind of bussiness card, emphasizing taste and wealth of the owner. For this reason, decorative granite products are highly appreciated and find wide application in gardens, city parks and squares.

Manufacturing of granite products is our direct activity. We produce exclusive products from high quality stone and offer customers real masterpieces. We have a wide range of products from granite, so there will be found suitable alternatives for each customer who wants to add the atmosphere of elegance of natural stone, historic image and elitism.

Granite balusters

Granite balusters are an important structural elements of stairs (curly bars serve as a support for the stairs hand rail). These products are elegant, rigorous, they do not require additional finishing after installation. Granite balusters tolerate temperature fluctuations, not afraid of moisture, dampness. Granite balusters are vertical supports which ensure safe and comfortable movement.



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